Palatin Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter Combo

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This product bundle has a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and a Pulse Oximeter

These two products help to detect Fever, Irregular Pulse Rate, & Low Oxygen Levels

These 3 abnormalities are main symptoms of numerous health conditions so this bundle is perfect for people who want to stay safe and healthy

Thermometer features:

  • 1 second readout
  • Precise and accurate temperature readings due to a high precision sensor
  • Color indicators for 3 (Good, Bad, and Critical) different temperature ranges
  • Reads from 3-5 cm away with no contact to avoid cross-infection
  • Unlike other infrared thermometers on the market, this one does not have a laser spot which eliminates risk of eye or skin sensitivity
  • Memory chip records 32 temperatures for looking at trends and comparisons
  • No sound - this is a silent thermometer so it will not disturb people

Pulse Oximeter features:

  • High precision, 1-second readout for pulse rate and SpO2
  • High quality silicone finger chamber means no discomfort, even for people with long nails
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • LED display is diverse and rotatable showing both numerical as well as a graph of the readings
  • Automatic shut-down in 16 seconds of no use is a great energy saver
  • Sleep monitoring function
  • Perfusion Index Indicator
  • Does not include batteries - both the pulse oximeter and thermometer use two AAA batteriesĀ 

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